SMS, Sweepstakes and the Future

After successfully dominating social communications during the 90s and 00s, text messaging is flourishing as a commercial channel. The open-and-read rate of SMS at 98% – and that’s within a few minutes of the message being received.

Today, SMS contests and sweepstakes are still preferred 8 times more than their email equivalents. This trend will likely continue through 2020 offering consumers something of value (mobile coupons or prizes). When you use text messaging as an entry method for a sweepstakes, you are using a highly effective means to tap into how people already love to connect with others.

The main objective of these initiatives is to encourage consumers to opt in by texting to a shortcode, see how it works:

T2WhowitworksWhile mobile app use is clearly growing, SMS will also likely continue to be a powerful marketing tool between now and the year 2020. Because of this, sweepstakes and contests are simple ways to generate revenue and thus unlikely to be replaced any time in the near future.

IRIO will provide you with the information you need to begin the process, and will oversee all of the details needed to make your text messaging sweepstake a success. Contact our sales team to set up a demo to see Text-2-Win in action. Contact us at (972) 528 – 7424 or via email at sales@irio.com.

For more information about IRIO’s Text-2-Win marketing service text “T2W” to 47464. Standard text message and data rates may apply.



Need a way to promote your business and share information without having to leave your home or office building? Look no further than Text-4-Info. Text-4-Info allows your business to generate leads and promote your brand, as well as gain new business through targeted marketing campaigns, all in real time.




Texting isn’t just great for your personal life – it can be great for business, too. If used correctly, text messaging can be a smart, easy and cost-effective tool to help businesses increase revenue and reduce expenses across the board.

From text campaign design and delivery, to mobile sites and marketing tools, IRIO provides everything you need to get the most out of text marketing. Our experts are ready to help you attract new customers, engage current customers and connect with your networks through text and sms messaging.

In regards to texting, the decision is in your hands. The phone is in theirs.


For more information about IRIO’s Text-4-Info marketing service click here and  text “T4I” to 47464. Standard text message and data rates may apply.



Need a fast, efficient way to reach all of your customers at once? Or send out important information instantly? Look no further than Text-2-Community. Text-2-Community allows your business to contact one person or hundreds of people in an instant, reducing the time spent communicating valuable information. With IRIO, your business can text one person, a few people or an entire list.

Text-2-CommunityWho can use Text-2-Community?

Our text message platform is a valuable marketing tool for multiple industries. Our clients have used our service to grow community engagement, gain new customers, drive business on a rainy day, generate leads, maintain quality customer relationships, and effectively inform contacts of emergency information. Click on your industry to see how your business can utilize this valuable marketing tool.


Contact our sales team to set up a demo to see Text-2-Community in action. Contact us at (972) 528 – 7424 or via email at sales@irio.com.


For more information about IRIO’s Text-2-Community marketing service text “T2C” to 47464. Standard text message and data rates may apply.

Are you embracing Mobile Marketing?

As trends are shifting away from standard communication, IRIO is keeping up with the times. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, IRIO Mobile Marketing continues to grow based on the sky-rocketing phenomenon of text messaging and mobile internet. IRIO is considered as a leader in the text and mobile technology marketing industry, offering its services to the multifamily and student housing industries.

Advertising Specialty Institute’s magazine Counselor recently published two articles regarding mobile marketing. They recognized the importance of this growing marketing strategy, stating that there is “a lot of marketing power in a medium that is relatively new.” Companies like Starbucks, AT&T, and Coca-Cola run successful SMS campaigns multiple times a year. We believe that no company is too big or too small to take advantage of mobile marketing. Counselor agrees by saying, “One of the advantages of mobile marketing – thanks to a proliferation of mobile marketing companies – is that it makes the entry into mobile marketing easier than ever, while leveling the playing field for small-business owners trying to compete with larger players.”

Now that you understand the importance of mobile marketing, let’s talk about how it works. For each of our clients we create an individualized KEYWORD that will be sent to our SHORTCODE (47464). This KEYWORD can be used to generate leads, provide community information, or promote your brand. Check out the three platforms we provide:


Prospective renters send a text message to a SHORT CODE (47464) while including a custom KEYWORD in the body of the text message. Residents who interact with a property of interest will have the opportunity to get connected instantly to set an appointment, view floor plans, pricing and much more.


Text-2-Community allows managers to inform residents of maintenance issues, events, renewals, deliveries, emergencies, past due rents and more – thereby greatly reducing time and operational costs. With the ability to push information to a single resident or the entire property at once, Text 2 Community is more efficient, cost-effective and offers better response rates than phone calls, printed materials or emails.


Text-2-Win allows your business to run a sweepstakes or contest and target specific user groups based on demographic profiles such as age and location.

Still not convinced that mobile marketing is right for your business? We have created an infographic with some game changing stats.


Outbound Engagement

As the infographic clearly says, “the answer is clear.” So what are you waiting for? Contact our sales team to set up a demo and take your business to the next level with IRIO. Contact us at (972) 528 – 7424 or via email at sales@irio.com.


For more information about IRIO text “IRIO INFO” to 47464.

When Time is of the Essence!

This week, a Dallas community had a resident, who upon initial reports, was believed to be an active shooter thus resulting in a SWAT Team called in to negotiate.  The SWAT Team was able to talk down the resident and turns out no gun was found.  With that, are you equipped to get information out to your community in an immediate manner?  Are you using email, a call system or text?  We can tell you from experience with our clients that TEXT MESSAGING is by far the most effective and immediate way to communicate with your residents due to its 98% read rate and high daily usage by most individuals.

With the incident this week, some residents said they weren’t happy with just getting an email, saying they would have preferred several text updates throughout the ordeal. (Reported by myfoxdfw.com)

Of course you never think things like this will happen at your community, but if they do, are you prepared?





We had a submission on our website for more information from a management company today.  What makes this request any different from others?

They recently had a property with a gas leak and had to evacuate everyone and quickly.  The situation on hand was pretty hectic as you can imagine and they found themselves wishing they could blast out a quick text message.

Let’s face it…most people don’t check their email and most don’t answer a number they don’t know or check their voicemail. Don’t wait till you need it and don’t have it.  Shoot us an email at sales@IRIO.com today to learn more.

IRIO College Game Day Text-2-Vote

Michigan State or Notre Dame?  Who do you think will win this match up?  

Text “ND” to 47464 (MSG&DATA RATES APPLY) to vote for Notre Dame.

Text “MSTATE” to 47464 (MSG&DATA RATES APPLY) to vote for Michigan State.


The results from our poll will be published end of day Friday.


Millennial Renters: Marketing to the Generation of Choice – Multifamily Blogs

What is important here is CONNECTION and the medium in which millennials wish to be communicated in.  It is not about what the owner or management company thinks is the best medium – its about your resident.


Millennial Renters: Marketing to the Generation of Choice – Multifamily Blogs.

Streamline Your Payment Process

Using text messaging as a tool to remind residents who may be late on rent is an effective method.  Recently, we had a client send out a text to all their residents on the 3rd of the month who were late on rent letting them know a late fee would be accessed after the 5th.  How effective was this you ask?  100% of their delinquent residents came in and paid that same day. What proved even more useful was the fact they put the direct link to their resident portal in the message so residents could go straight to the payment page. Texting is a powerful tool and we can help you maximize the effectiveness of your messages.  We can do this because we have seen what works and what doesn’t work due to our 7 years of providing texting services to the multifamily and student housing industries. To learn more, contact us at sales@IRIO.com.


Do you face that daily question of “Where are my leads coming from?”  With multiple lead sources such as Facebook, ILS, Craigslist, Print, Radio, Drive By and more, there is an easy way to decipher which of your ad sources are worth more in terms of lead generation than others.

A Text-4-Info program consist texting a keyword to a short code.  For example, Text “APTDEMO” to 47464 (MSG & DATA RATES APPLY).  To tell which lead sources are most effective for you, you can advertise a different keyword on each source, yet each keyword produces the same information about the property.  When you view your leads you can associate the different keywords with the different sources and see where more traffic is coming from.



To learn more about determining which lead sources are more effective, email us at sales@IRIO.com.


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