When Time is of the Essence!

This week, a Dallas community had a resident, who upon initial reports, was believed to be an active shooter thus resulting in a SWAT Team called in to negotiate.  The SWAT Team was able to talk down the resident and turns out no gun was found.  With that, are you equipped to get information out to your community in an immediate manner?  Are you using email, a call system or text?  We can tell you from experience with our clients that TEXT MESSAGING is by far the most effective and immediate way to communicate with your residents due to its 98% read rate and high daily usage by most individuals.

With the incident this week, some residents said they weren’t happy with just getting an email, saying they would have preferred several text updates throughout the ordeal. (Reported by myfoxdfw.com)

Of course you never think things like this will happen at your community, but if they do, are you prepared?





We had a submission on our website for more information from a management company today.  What makes this request any different from others?  

They recently had a property with a gas leak and had to evacuate everyone and quickly.  The situation on hand was pretty hectic as you can imagine and they found themselves wishing they could blast out a quick text message.  

Let’s face it…most people don’t check their email and most don’t answer a number they don’t know or check their voicemail. Don’t wait till you need it and don’t have it.  Shoot us an email at sales@IRIO.com today to learn more.

IRIO College Game Day Text-2-Vote

Michigan State or Notre Dame?  Who do you think will win this match up?  

Text “ND” to 47464 (MSG&DATA RATES APPLY) to vote for Notre Dame.

Text “MSTATE” to 47464 (MSG&DATA RATES APPLY) to vote for Michigan State.


The results from our poll will be published end of day Friday.


Millennial Renters: Marketing to the Generation of Choice – Multifamily Blogs

What is important here is CONNECTION and the medium in which millennials wish to be communicated in.  It is not about what the owner or management company thinks is the best medium – its about your resident.


Millennial Renters: Marketing to the Generation of Choice – Multifamily Blogs.

Streamline Your Payment Process

Using text messaging as a tool to remind residents who may be late on rent is an effective method.  Recently, we had a client send out a text to all their residents on the 3rd of the month who were late on rent letting them know a late fee would be accessed after the 5th.  How effective was this you ask?  100% of their delinquent residents came in and paid that same day.

What proved even more useful was the fact they put the direct link to their resident portal in the message so residents could go straight to the payment page.  

Texting is a powerful tool and we can help you maximize the effectiveness of your messages.  We can do this because we have seen what works and what doesn’t work due to our 7 years of providing texting services to the multifamily and student housing industries.

To learn more, contact us at sales@IRIO.com.



Do you face that daily question of “Where are my leads coming from?”  With multiple lead sources such as Facebook, ILS, Craigslist, Print, Radio, Drive By and more, there is an easy way to decipher which of your ad sources are worth more in terms of lead generation than others.

A Text-4-Info program consist texting a keyword to a short code.  For example, Text “APTDEMO” to 47464 (MSG & DATA RATES APPLY).  To tell which lead sources are most effective for you, you can advertise a different keyword on each source, yet each keyword produces the same information about the property.  When you view your leads you can associate the different keywords with the different sources and see where more traffic is coming from.



To learn more about determining which lead sources are more effective, email us at sales@IRIO.com.

Text-4-Info…It works!

How often do you drive by somewhere and want more information but either don’t have time or just don’t want to talk to someone right now?  Ever seen a sign and wonder what it is really about?  Has something ever peaked your curiosity and you wanted to know more?  

Chances are, consumers are having these same thoughts your business.  What type of call to action can you implement to allow the consumer a simple way to learn more?  It is simple – TEXT MESSAGES!   Yes that form of communication that dominates your phone usage.  Simply advertise a keyword and short code and consumers will respond if interested.

For a demo, text “INFO” to 47464 (MSG&DATA RATES APPLY).  Once the consumer text in, you are notified and you can log into IRIO and work the lead.  Oh and you can follow up with them via text; after all that is how they contacted  you.

A current multifamily client of ours generated 178 leads in the month of June.  Yes you read that right – 178 leads.  What are you waiting for?  The decision is in your hands.  The phone is in theirs.


The Power of the Text Message

The recent frequency of severe weather and the resulting loss of life is tragic!  Our prayers go the families and friends of those who lost loved ones.

As many experts have said before, the best way to survive these storms is to have early warnings.  Many times in these storms, cell service becomes spotty as lines get crowded and understandably so.  With that, text messages do not use nearly the bandwidth as a phone call thus making them a more effective mode of communication.

A student housing property recently sent out the following message to its residents in the wake of impending storms:  “Severe weather threat for the next 3 days in the OKC metro area. Please make a plan as to where you will go if a tornado strikes. Stay weather aware by watching local stations or by weather radio. http://4ir.io/v9nqk.”

During the day as people are out an about, they are not always by the radio or TV to hear the alerts being broadcast.  On the other hand though, they more than likely have their phone close by and in fact within 3 feet of them according to a recent survey on mobile phone habits.  With this, utilize the power of the text message to alert your residents of potentially severe weather headed their way.  Your text message may be the alert that allows them to reach shelter safely.

An Oklahoma resident said this when interviewed after the storms, “As cell service got spotty, we relied on text messages from my dad in Tulsa and a friend in south Texas.”

Here a few links you may wish to share with your residents in the event you need to send out a severe weather alert:






We recently asked our clients how IRIO makes a difference in their communications with their residents.  Here are a few of their responses:

“IRIO has drastically helped with lease renewals and late rent payments.”

- Park West, The Irvine Company


“Fast effective communication with residents in a format that they appreciate.  Most residents find texting to be non-invasive and convenient.”

- San Carlo, The Irvine Company


“Easy and effective way to inform residents that saves time, paper and most importantly – money!”

- Mount Vernon Flats, Lincoln Property Company


“We had a child walk into the leasing office saying she was lost.  The Community Manager sent a mass text and the parents were there within 5 minutes.”

- Carrie Caudill, Regional Manager, Sequoia Equities


“Helped in meeting our renewal deadline.”

- Audubon Village, Matrix Residential


To learn more about how IRIO can help increase signed renewals, decrease late rent payments and increase event participation through text messaging, shoot us an email at sales@IRIO.com.


IRIO Gets Renewals in the Door

Do you find emailing, calling and posting flyers to get residents to commit for renewals is just not as effective as you would like?  With IRIO, our clients have found sending renewal messages via our text message platform truly engage the resident and create action.

Why would text messaging be more effective than the more standard forms of communication you ask?  It has a 98% read rate among being fast and efficient.  Below are a few responses from our clients when asked what value using IRIO has brought to them:


“Drastically helped with lease renewals and late rent payments.”

Park West -The IRVINE Company


“Helped in meeting renewal deadline.”

Audubon Village -Matrix Residential


“On the last day of renewals we sent a text message and we had a lot of people come in and sign.”

Capri Apts at Isla Vista -Asset Campus Housing


The decision is in your hands.  The phone is in theirs.Image


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